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Sports Vision

Sports vision is the field of vision care concerned with improving the visual abilities of athletes (and sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels) that are essential for excellence in their chosen sport. Some of these abilities include: eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity (clarity of vision while moving and watching moving objects), focusing speed and accuracy, depth perception, and peripheral visual awareness and reaction time. In this section, you will find helpful information on sports vision testing, vision correction options for athletes, vision training programs, and how to find an eye doctor who specializes in sports vision. 

Do you wish you could cut a few strokes off your golf score? Does your child always seem to be just a few steps away from the soccer ball? Having trouble returning your tennis partner's serve? Vision, just like speed and strength, is an important component in sports.

Vision is much more than just seeing clearly. Many interrelated vision skills affect how well you play your sport. Just as exercise and practice can increase your speed and strength, they can also improve your visual fitness and accuracy.

An optometrist with expertise in sports vision can thoroughly assess your unique visual system. He or she can then recommend the proper eyeglasses or contact lenses, or design a vision therapy program to maximize your visual skills for your specific sport.

All athletes, and especially those in certain high-risk sports, need to consider eye protection. Thousands of children and adults suffer sports-related eye injuries each year, and nearly all can be prevented with the proper protective eyewear.

If you participate in an outdoor sport, appropriate sunglasses are a must. Some sport-specific designs may even help you improve your game. Ask your optometrist which type is best suited for your favorite sport.