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We are the leading Provider in Eye Care and highly regarded professional Optometry establishment in honolulu for the entire family where Quality eye exams are Affordable with Excellence. Diplomate, American Board Certified Optometrists, Eye Doctor

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City Beat News 2018


RE: Edwin Y. Endo, ODalt
2018 Customer Satisfaction Rating: 5 Stars
City Beat News is pleased to announce Edwin Y. Endo, OD earned a 5 star rating and the 2018 Spectrum Award.   Performing to the level needed to earn this recognition in consecutive years is impressive. You and your staff have proven the exceptional service you provide is embedded in your company’s values and mission. 
Top optometry clinics in Aiea, HI
Edwin Y. Endo, OD & Associates has been recognized as one of the 2018 Top Honolulu Optometry practices.
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