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🍇 Fruits to Avoid After 50: Grapefruit: Interferes with medications and has a high glycemic index. Cherries: May cause digestive upset and have a high glycemic index. Pineapple: Interferes with certain antibiotics and can cause heartburn. Pomegranate: Rich in tannins, which can irritate the digestive system. Mango: High glycemic index and loaded with natural sugars. Papaya: High in fructose, contributing to fatty liver disease. Watermelon: High glycemic index and loaded with natural sugars. Banana: High in sugar, may cause blood sugar fluctuations. Dates: Extremely high in calories and sugar. 🌈 Optimal Choices After 50: Berries Avocados Citrus fruits (except grapefruit) Kiwi Apples Pears

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