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Make it Happen: Be the change you want to bring about in yourself, society environment, strong policy making etc. Never have we as a generation of people been more empowered to create change. We need to take more responsibility for all that we consume through our senses, for the depletion of resources, for the the pain points we feel so passionate about. Leading by example as role models for the transformation we want to see in the world by seeking it out in ourselves first.... Simultaneously collaborating rather than just complaining, venting our grievances and attributing fault solely on external authorities for depleting resources; energy reserves that contribute to the types and levels of suffering we have collectively helped to create towards the polluted state of our inner and outer world. Be the change you want to evolve on the planet one person at a time towards simultaneously addressing the paradoxical diversity of issues we all seek, one way or another, to resolve. This is one of the take away lesson's inspired by the likes of great souls such as Shadguru (among others') as a whole. Thank you Shadguru et al for being a beacon of guiding light on the part and path of all our soul journey's 🧡✨🙏🏼
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