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We Match the Best Contact Lenses for your Eyes

4 Reasons for recommending contact lenses to Teens.

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses provide students all-day
comfort, from classroom to study group to the sports field. Study results
show that wearing contact lenses versus spectacles gives teens:

  1. Help create more positive attitudes about physical appearance
  2. Increased satisfaction with activities including playing sports
  3. Higher overall satisfaction vs. spectacles
  4. Improved peer perception

Soft Contact Lenses (all major brands available) Rebates available

  • Oasys Transitions that change from clear to dark for the outdoor individual and great for sports and spectators.
  • One Day Disposables: 1 Day Acuvue Moist, One Day Oasys, Daily Total One, Ciba Night & Day, Biotrue, TruEyes, Define or Circle eyes
  • Two Week Disposables: Acuvue 2, Biomedics, Freshlook Tint, Colorblends, Oasys
  • Monthly to Quarterly: Air Optix Aqua Monthly, Vita & Vita for astigmatism, Hydraglide, Soft Colors
  • Colors:  Air Optix Aqua Colors, ToriSoft Colors: the only soft colored disposable lenses
  • Multifocals: Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, B&L, Cooper Vision, Multifocal, Ultra,
  • Brands: OASYS® 1-Day, OASYS® 2-Week, OASYS® 1-Day Astigmatism, OASYS® 2-Week Astigmatism, ACUVUE® VITA®, ACUVUE® 1-Day Moist, 1-Day Moist Astigmatism, 1-Day Moist Multifocal.
  • Another popular contacts brand is the Air Optix brand. Air Optix also offers a variety of different contacts, however the most popular ones are the AIR OPTIX for Astigmatism 6 Pack and the AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA 6 Pack. These contacts are also known for being very comfortable and allowing oxygen to flow through the lenses. This leads to healthier looking eyes. These lenses are also one of the top options for individuals interested in a lens that is safe to wear while sleeping. If you’re looking for a comfortable contact lens to sleep in from a well-liked brand, this might be a good brand for you to consider.
  • The DAILIES brand is another top contact lens brand that is worth looking into when making a decision. As the name entails, the DAILIES brand makes a variety of disposable contact lenses for daily replacement, including contacts for astigmatism. One of the most popular products is the DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 90 Pack. The DAILIES-Total1 90 Pack is a fan favorite as well. This brand will provide consistent and clear vision that will feel good on your eyes all day long. DAILIES lenses are known for being easy to use, this is a top brand with many advantages.

  • Breakthrough Technologies: Breakthrough technologies make it possible to meet the real-world comfort, vision and eye health needs of your patients.


Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (all major brands available)
  • HDS 100, Boston Envision, Boston ES, Boston Rxd, Boston 7, Boston XO2, Fluorex, Flurocon, Fluoroperm, HDS, Menicon, Polycon, Tangent Streak, Ultra.
  • Bifocals, Trifocals, Monovision, Bitorics, are available
  • CRT, Orthokeratology
  • Keratoconus Special Fitting
  • Scleral Premium Specialty Lenses
  • Synergy Eyes Specialty Contact Lenses

There are five primary categories of lenses used to treat patients with keratoconus, glare, dry eyes, halos, starbursts, ghosting, complications from LASIK, PRK, and RK, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD) and Sjogren’s Syndrome:



Patient Benefits
  • Fast ordering & competitive pricing & rebates
  • Custom designs and experienced fitting and we match the best lenses for your specific and demanding eyes.
  • We provide excellent service & value.
  • Offer direct delivery
  • Provide same-day dispensing.
  • Unlike Mail-Order companies we do not charge for membership, we are authorized distributors, we make no substititions, and we do not sell lenses with early expiration date.

Scleral Lenses Can Restore Your Vision

Scleral lenses are used to treat a variety of conditions, including:
  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL) Complications
  • Intacs Complications
  • Glare, Dry Eyes, Halos, Starbursts and Ghosting
  • Complications from LASIK, PRK, and RK
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD)
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome

What are Scleral Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are large-diameter lenses that provide clear and comfortable vision because the lenses do not actually touch the cornea. Instead, scleral lenses vault over the entire corneal surface, resting on the “white” portion of the eye known as the “sclera.” The space between the back and front portions of the scleral lens is filled with unpreserved sterile saline solution, which means that the eye always remains in a liquid environment. Scleral lenses cover a larger portion of the sclera, whereas semi-scleral lenses cover a smaller area.

These larger lenses also are more stable than conventional gas permeable contact lenses, which move with each blink because they cover only a portion of the cornea. Moreover, scleral lenses do not fall out, bits of grit do not lodge behind them during wear, and they are surprisingly comfortable to wear when fitted properly.


Diagram of how a scleral contact lens is fitted Fitting the Scleral Contact Lens


There are three different types of scleral lenses:

  • Corneo-Scleral Lenses & Semi-Scleral Lenses

    Larger than conventional GP lenses; sit near the junction between the sclera and the cornea

  • Mini-Scleral Lenses

    Vault over the entire corneal surface and sit on the anterior sclera

  • Full Scleral Lenses

    Largest scleral lenses; provide greatest amount of clearance between the cornea and back surface of the lens

Scleral lenses are typically manufactured with highly breathable, rigid gas permeable lens materials. Thus, even though the lenses cover the entire corneal surface, they allow plenty of oxygen to reach the front surface of the eye to maintain health and comfort.

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Scleral Lens Brands

  • AccuLens Maxim Scleral Lenses

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  • Alden Optical NovaKone Lenses

    NovaKone lenses
  • Alden Optical Zenlens Scleral Lenses

    Zenlens Scleral Lens logo
  • Art Optical SoClear

    SoClear lenses logo
  • Atlantis Scleral Lenses

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  • BostonSight Scleral Lenses

    Boston Sight Logo
  • EyePrint Prosthetics EyePrintPro Lenses

    Eyeprint Prosthetics logo
  • Flexlens ARC Lenses

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  • Rose K Lenses

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  • SynergEyes ClearKone Lenses

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  • Valley Contax Custom Stable Lenses

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