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If you suffer from  color deficiency, X-chrome lenses can help you. The lenses may help individuals with defective color vision in occupational fields as diverse as law enforcement, the electronic and computer industries, graphic and fine arts, textiles, transportation and scientific fields.


For children and adults, the lenses will eliminate many of the academic challenges that arise when colour deficient students are faced with colour-coded learning and teaching materials. In addition, these lenses are ideal for colorblind people who want to improve the quality of many recreational activities.

Color deficiency is a condition characterized by color confusion and the inability to discriminate certain colors. Approximately 8% of males and 0.5% of females have some form of color deficiency.


Their altered color perception is due to a malfunction in the retina of the trichromatic-three-receptor color (red, green, and blue) vision system.

In nearly all cases a more appropriate term to use would be color deficiency because the anomaly does not produce a total absence of color perception, but rather, the inability to discriminate between specific chromatic  stimuli.

For many years, the X-Chrome lens has been used to improve colour discrimination in affected individuals. This lens is a red contact lens that is worn in the non-dominant eye. Its principle is to create what is referred to as retinal rivalry, which results in the brain being able to better distinguish between shades of colour.

ColorDx CCT HD  

The new gold standard in color vision diagnostics 

Assess visual function beyond high-contrast acuity 

Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine OBVA (Operational Based Vision Assessment) laboratory under CRADA, CCT HD expands on the strengths of the original USAF cone-isolation contrast test (Rabin CCT) and is built from the ground up with entirely new architecture.

Highlights include: 
  • Cone-isolation contrast sensitivity methodology

  • Expanded low-contrast range testing

  • “Landolt C”-based test strategies

  • Simple to use 4-button response pad

  • Robust Bayesian threshold with standard error

  • Konan custom-calibrated IPS matte display technology

  • Rapid, intuitive, staged calibration

  • High fidelity cone-contrast granularity

  • Expansive illustrated reporting

  • Auto trends analysis

  • Contrast Sensitivity (achromatic) with auto AUC calculation

  • …and much more 

Color Vision Test, Color Deficiency and Blindness