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We are Adjunct Clinical Teaching Practitioners to the following schools:

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Best Professional  Eye Care in Honolulu

We provide the latest "state-of-the-art" vision advances & eye care technology, prescription lenses & affordable fashion eyewear (exclusive designer eyeglasses) with appealing fashion trends, cosmetic & therapeutic medications (including good health & nutrition) options to our patients. We also offer our patients a wide variety of services including:
  • New Corrective Lenses for Color Blindness:Enchroma (We are the authorized retailer)
  • Cataract management
  • Emergencies & Walk in usually available by our interns
  • We provide evaluations & treatments for glaucoma (lumigan, alphagan p, travatan z, Vyzulta, rhopressa, rocklatan, xelpros)
  • Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration treatments & evaluations
  • Premium and specialty contact lenses (including sclerals, hybrids, synergeyes,bifocals, multifocals, colours, astigmatism, etc.)
  • Affordable fashion designer eyewear selection (Maui Jim Sunglasses)
  • Custom designed Computer & Gamers Specialty Glasses (Gunnar Optiks)
  • High definition digital Progressive lenses (Pals), Polaroid Transitions (Vantage)
  • Geriatric eye care
  • Nutrition & Good health Counseling
  • Cosmetic (Latisse) and allergy/red eye treatment
  • Treatments for chronic dry eyes (punctal plugs, RestasisXiidra)
  • Treatments & evaluation of vision problems 2nd to traumatic brain injury
  • Evaluations and therapy for binocular vision problems, dyslexia, problems learning
  • Eyestrain, sore & red eyes, eye pain
  • Unexplained dizzyness, nasal congestion, fatique, tired eyes
  • Lasik & implantable contact lenses & refractive surgery consultation and care
  • Occupational & Sports Vision   
  • New Glaucoma Medications: Vyzulta, Rhopressa, Rocklatan, Xelpros

Our Board Certified Doctors and Interns from California, Arizona, Alabama and Canada are ready to serve you. Eye emergencies and our Walk In Clinic can usually be seen by our Interns.

For Kyle Dosanjh, OD Candidate. Midwesten University of Arizona.  From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and completed his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University.  Enjoys travelling and hiking.



Amy Endo, ABOM, FNAO, NCLE-AC, CPOT                                  Amy Endo

Amy Endo is a Licensed Master Optician, Fellow National Academy of Opticianry, Advanced Certified Contact Lens Fitter and a Certified Paraoptometric Technician. She is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.
Mrs. Endo is a writer/contributor for Eye Care Professional Magazine and an appointed member of the Hawaii Dispensing Opticians Advisory Committee. She also served as Chair of the American Optometric Association's Paraoptometric Section. Currently, she  is teaching a course of an apprenticeship program for Optometric Assistants at the Kapiolani Community College.
Her awards include VSP's People First National Staff Winner; One of 50 Most Influential Women in Optical by Vision Monday Magazine; The Edge Business Recipient, awarded by Eye Care Business Magazine; Transitions Lenses National Dispenser of the Year, and the American Optometric Association's National Paraoptometric of the Year.
Dr Walter G. Au, Optometrist                     
Dr  Au born in Hawaii is a new addition to our practice in November 2019 and is from the Western University Health Sciences School of Optometry. His dedication and academic experience will be a great asset to our practice. Always desiring to learn and provide special care to our patients. . His experience includes working at Western University’s Eye Care Institute in pediatrics, contact lens, vision therapy, primary care and low vision as well as at Eisner Family Health in Los Angeles, CA and  Atwater, CA at a Community Health Clinic.


Dr Nicole K. Yokoyama, Optometrist  

Dr. Yokohama is a graduate of Iolani School, Pacific University  ( BS in Biological Science), Pacific University College of Optometry (VS, OD). Specializing in General Eye Care with an emphasis on Specialty Contact Lenses (Hybrids, Scleral, Duette) including complex multifocals, pediatrics/vision therapy and Corneal conditions including Dry & Allergy eyes. Therapeutic Management of Ocular Diseases, progressive including Glaucoma, preventive nutritional counseling & guidance, and special use of advanced imaging digital computerized systems.  Dr Yokohama has always been top in her class, and brings much exceptional knowledge, experience and compassionate medical/vision care to our patients. A rare & welcome addition to our practice.
Clinical experiences includes  VA at Central California Veterans Affairs (Fresno, Ca), Pacific Eye Clinic (Portland, Oregon), Yukon-Kuskokwim health Corporation (Bethel, AK),  and Hickam Air Force Base (Hawaii).
Recipient of many awards and scholarships including PUCO Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate Award, Great Western Council of Optometry Award, Peg  Gilbert Award, WICHE, and etc.
Other activities includes humanitarian missions to Tanzania, Africa, and various AMIGOS Eye Care Mission Trips.
Her hobbies include world-wide traveling, volunteering in various vision screenings and missions, & teaching. 
Dr Yokohama is a member of the  American Optometric Association.             

Dr Edwin Y. Endo II, Optometrist                                          alt

Dr. Edwin Y. Endo II is a graduate of Punahou School, Creighton University ( BS in Biological Science) and the Westerm University College of Optometry (OD). Specializing in general eye care with an emphasis on Specialty  Premium  & Scleral Contact Lenses (Duette, SynergyEyes)  including Keratoconus and other Corneal conditions including Dry & Allergy eyes, Therapeutic Management of Ocular Diseases, progressive, preventive nutritional counseling & guidance, and special use of advanced high definition imaging & digital computerized systems . Selected as Top Optometrists by the International Associaton of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP)
Externships includes San Diego Naval Station, VA at Colorado Springs & Michigan and delivered primary eye care (including contacts lenses, ocular & retinal disease for active duty, retirees, and dependents.
Activities included Lions club (President of Western U Lions Club), Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Chi Chapter, Colleges Against Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Worker House, & various Service projects.
His hobbies include Fitness & Body Building (Crossfit, Barbel, & Powerlifting), dynamic hiking, ketogenic nutrition, and computer gamer. Dr Endo is a member of the Hawaii Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.
Dr Jessica Y. Cho, Optometrist                                
Dr. Jessica Y. Cho is a graduate of Punahou School, University of California  ( BS in Biological Science), Georgetown University (Master of Science, Physiology and Biophysics)  and the Southern California College of Optometry (VS, OD). Specializing in General Eye Care with an emphasis on Specialty Contact Lenses (Hybrids, Scleral, Duette) including complex multifocals and Corneal conditions including Dry & Allergy eyes, Strabismus and Amblopia, Therapeutic Management of Ocular Diseases, progressive including Glaucoma, preventive nutritional counseling & guidance, and special use of advanced imaging digital computerized systems.  Dr Cho is also fluent in Korean, and able to converse in Spanish.
Clinical experiences includes  VA at Southern Nevada Healthcare Systems, Hoopes Vision, VA at Los Angeles Ambulatory Care, Eyecare Center in  Fullerton (California), research assistant at the Southern California College of Optometry, and University of California Irvine Medical Center.
Other activities includes CareNow, Ram LA, and Angels for Sight.
Her hobbies include world-wide traveling, nature oriented hiking, cosmetic and dietary nutrition, and fine dining.
Dr Cho is a member of the Hawaii Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.                                                                                                                                                                          
Dr Edwin Y. Endo, Optometrist                                                       Dr. Edwin Y. Endo

Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

Dr. Edwin Y. Endo is a graduate of the University of Hawaii ( BS in Biological Science) and the Southern California College of Optometry (VS, OD). He is in private practice specializing in general vision care with an emphasis on glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes, contact lenses, ocular prosthetics and progressive, preventive nutritional epigenetic counseling & guidance. Dr. Endo is a Panel Doctor for  VSP and Eyefinity.  He also co-manages lasik and cataract IOL surgeries with the leading Ophthalmological surgeons in Hawaii.

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

  • MidWestern University Eye Institute
  • Western U. College of Optometry
  • UAB College of Optometry
  • UWaterloo School of Optometry

Clinical experience from Silas B. Hayes Army Medical Hospital in Montery (California), Long Beach Naval Optometric Clinic, Orange County Low Vision Clinic, and Vision Center at SCCO.

His hobbies include creative meaningful photography, nature oriented hiking, collecting rare & unusual manifestations of the natural earth, and interest in  designing natural nature and  enhanced landscaping with sculptures. Dr Endo is a member of the Hawaii Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association and Board Certified and Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry. 
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