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Common visual problems based on age

Preschoolers: We check for amblyopia (lazy eyes), color vision, depth perception, visual and motor developmental & perceptual analysis (ADHD), eye turns, chronic tearing, red eye with mucous, learning difficulties, eye safety & UV protecting sunglasses. 

Children: Allergies, red or irritated eyes, chronic rubbing of eyes, trouble focusing, reading problems, ADHD, dyslexia, computerized vision training, sports vision & safety eyewear, & sunglasses.

Teenagers: Contact Lenses including colors, fashionable & trendy eyewear "for the glamorous you", computer or electronic game glasses. Eyedrops to make your eyes look great & cool. Cool Gunnar gaming eyewear. Stress relieving glasses to eliminate eyestrain. Sun protection. 

Young Adults: Stress relieving lenses for reading, digital computer glasses, contacts for dry eyes, special medications for red, dry, itchy & puffy eyes. Lasik Surgery. Cosmetic & Nutritional counseling & guidance to make you look good and full of energy & vitality. Nutritional guidance. Maui Jim, Oakley Sunglasses. Latisse . Blue light blocking glasses. Lasik Pre & Post-care management.

Matured Adults: Newest progressive addition lenses with extra fast transition with Polaroid lenses (Vantage), reading glasses, multifocal contact lenses, nutritional guidance for cataracts, macular disease and glaucoma treatments, & anti-aging counseling to make you feel & look younger & revitalized. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer guidance. Cataract Pre & Post-care management and guidance.

Geriatrics: Special reading/computer/hobby glasses to prolong reading, medications for dry, teary & gritty eyes and chronic eye infections, & vision enhancement counseling. Proper nutrition guidance including glaucoma and macular degeneration. Good health and wellness counseling.

Preventive Screening Guidelines for Healthy Adults

10 Must-Do Health Screenings

  1. Schedule an exam and cleaning with your dentist
  2. Get your eyes checked and ask about an OCT for Glaucoma, and 
  3. Plan a bone density test
  4. Get a flu shot
  5. Check if you need a tetanus booster
  6. Get a shingles vacination if over 60
  7. See your primary care doctor for a physical
  8. Ask if you are due for a mammogram or colonoscopy
  9. Check your cholesterol levels and blood pressure numbers
  10. Schedule a hearing test

Eyecare Tips

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