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GENERAL MEDICAL NEWS Obesity May Be Linked To Increased Risk For Cardiovascular Disease, Shorter Life Span, Research Suggests. The New York Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, Bakalar, Subscription Publication) “Well” blog reports that research indicated “obesity was associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and a two- to three-year shorter life span.” The findings Share to FacebookShare to Twitter were published in JAMA Cardiology. In “Science Now,” the Los Angeles Times Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, Kaplan) reports, “After adjusting the data to account for risk factors like age, race, ethnicity and smoking status,” investigators “found that the higher the BMI, the greater the lifetime risk of some type of heart problem.” For instance, “compared to middle-aged men with a normal BMI, the risk of a heart attack...was 18% higher for men who were overweight, 42% higher for men who were obese, and 98% higher for men who were morbidly obese.” Meanwhile, “for middle-aged women, the risk of a heart attack was 42% higher for those who were overweight, 75% higher for those who were obese and 80% higher for those who were morbidly obese.” HealthDay Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, Preidt) reports that with regard to “longevity, men who were obese lived 1.9 years less than normal-weight men.” The researchers “found little difference in length of life between overweight and normal-weight men.” But, “among women...those who were overweight lived 1.4 years less, and those who were obese lived 3.4 years less than normal-weight women.” MedPage Today Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, Monaco) also covers the story. Retinopathy May Be Linked To Cognitive Decline, Study Suggests. CNN Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, Scutti) reports researchers found that “small changes in the blood vessels within our eyes at age 60 can foretell a significant loss of memory over the next couple of decades.” The researchers “found that participants with moderate to severe retinopathy were more likely to score significantly lower on memory and thinking tests than healthy-eyed participants.” Dr. Rachel Bishop of the National Eye Institute said the results are “not a surprise at all,” because “if the retinal blood vessels are unhealthy, there’s every reason to think that the brain blood vessels are unhealthy as well.” Medscape Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, McNamara) reports researchers used “fundus photography, which takes images of the interior surface of the eye, including the retina,” and “found retinopathy was associated with faster cognitive decline over a 20-year period vs no retinopathy.” Some 12,317 older adults were included in the study. The findings Share to FacebookShare to Twitter were published online in the journal Neurology. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute supported the study. HealthDay Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (2/28, Thompson) also covers the study. Infographic: Dry Eye Syndrome >

Common visual problems based on age

Preschoolers: We check for amblyopia (lazy eyes), color vision, depth perception, visual and motor developmental & perceptual analysis (ADHD), eye turns, chronic tearing, red eye with mucous, learning difficulties, eye safety & UV protecting sunglasses. 

Children: Allergies, red or irritated eyes, chronic rubbing of eyes, trouble focusing, reading problems, ADHD, dyslexia, computerized vision training, sports vision & safety eyewear, & sunglasses.

Teenagers: Contact Lenses including colors, fashionable & trendy eyewear "for the glamorous you", computer or electronic game glasses. Eyedrops to make your eyes look great & cool. Cool Gunnar gaming eyewear. Stress relieving glasses to eliminate eyestrain. Sun protection. 

Young Adults: Stress relieving lenses for reading, digital computer glasses, contacts for dry eyes, special medications for red, dry, itchy & puffy eyes. Lasik Surgery. Cosmetic & Nutritional counseling & guidance to make you look good and full of energy & vitality. Nutritional guidance. Maui Jim, Oakley Sunglasses. Latisse . Blue light blocking glasses. Lasik Pre & Post-care management.

Matured Adults: Newest progressive addition lenses with extra fast transition with Polaroid lenses (Vantage), reading glasses, multifocal contact lenses, nutritional guidance for cataracts, macular disease and glaucoma treatments, & anti-aging counseling to make you feel & look younger & revitalized. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer guidance. Cataract Pre & Post-care management and guidance.

Geriatrics: Special reading/computer/hobby glasses to prolong reading, medications for dry, teary & gritty eyes and chronic eye infections, & vision enhancement counseling. Proper nutrition guidance including glaucoma and macular degeneration. Good health and wellness counseling.

Preventive Screening Guidelines for Healthy Adults

10 Must-Do Health Screenings

  1. Schedule an exam and cleaning with your dentist
  2. Get your eyes checked and ask about an OCT for Glaucoma, and 
  3. Plan a bone density test
  4. Get a flu shot
  5. Check if you need a tetanus booster
  6. Get a shingles vacination if over 60
  7. See your primary care doctor for a physical
  8. Ask if you are due for a mammogram or colonoscopy
  9. Check your cholesterol levels and blood pressure numbers
  10. Schedule a hearing test

Eyecare Tips

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